SheerWind’s Minnesota wind turbine company INVELOX technology turns wind power systems upside down by first using a funnel to collect wind through an omnidirectional intake, channeling that wind to increase its speed within a shrouded Venturi section, and then delivering it to multiple turbines that are covered at ground level. Courtesy: SheerWind

source.image: TomoNews US

SheerWind’s INVELOX is a life-changing technology priced competitively with natural gas and hydroelectric generation, can be used in low wind areas (1 mph / 0.5 m/s), and is scalable to be placed locally wherever power is needed. INVELOX provides access to locations in and beyond the $1 trillion global electricity market.

The company, SheerWind, has a patented system of harvesting wind power called Invelox that it says can produce six times more green energy than traditional systems.The funnel-shaped Invelox system captures wind from all directions, even with wind speeds as low as 2 miles per hour. The wind is then funneled through a duct, where it picks up speed.


The accelerated wind is delivered to generators on the ground level, where its kinetic energy is harnessed to produce electricity.Any residual wind is returned to the environment.

Unlike conventional turbines, Invelox keeps its generators on the ground rather than on top. This allows it to produce 600 percent more power, the company claims.With its capabilities, the powerful device can be used not just commercially, but also in developing nations, in areas where electricity is not readily accessible.

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