A modular, versatile truck platform enabling limitless body configurations.The Hydrogen-Powered “Skateboard” Truck by Gaussin, a technology company that designs, assembles and offers zero-emission.

Smart and connected vehicles for freight transportation and people mobility to enable off-road and on-road applications. The Hydrogen-powered ‘Skateboard’ truck, is a modular, versatile truck platform enabling limitless body configurations.

Scalable: Available in different lenghts, heights and axles configuration to meet the different needs of the road truck segment market.

Universal link plate:Mechanical interface fixed on the skateboard chassis. Enables full compatibility with all equipments and configurations.


The hydrogen-powered road truck skateboard allows truckers to drive 500 miles on a single charge and only requires a 20 minute stop when the power is low.

The electric configuration offers a 180-mile range on a single charge and includes battery swapping options.//source/image: Gaussin

“With this hydrogen and electric skateboard, a world premiere, Gaussin reaffirms its pioneering role in the ecological transition and the development of low-carbon mobility solutions.”