Tesla Bot Optimus was the last item on Elon Musk’s presentation at the Shareholder Meeting on Tuesday. Tesla’s Bot, which is designed as a humanoid robot, was originally revealed last year at the company’s AI Day event.

At the time, Tesla could only show a deconstructed version of the bot that robot could barely walk forward, let alone perform any manual labor on stage. A version that was supposed to be closer to a production model was shown but was held up by a stand and could only wave to the audience.

Now, Tesla is showing robots more like that model but moving around independently, if a bit slowly.New images of prototypes were quite impressive, making the project look less like a sideshow and increasingly like a potentially real product.


This video shows Tesla Bot performing various maneuvers inside the company’s robot lab and around the Fremont factory.These Optimus robots moving in synchronization means that Tesla is able to control multiple robots simultaneously. Connected to the same neural network, they are able to see the world similarly.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk praised the company’s progress in the development of its humanoid robot called Optimus and predicted the demand for the product will reach 10 billion or even 20 billion units.