The World Wide Wind created vertical axis turbines, with low speed of the rotor blade’s wing tip, preventing birds strikes.The floating vertical contra-rotating turbines have less impact on wildlife, as the turbine is perceived as a natural obstacle.

Few components with generator below sea level,Two main counter-rotating components (blades/turbine, shaft and mast, generator)Generator in bottom as stabilizer and counterweight. Rotor and stator counter-rotating.

Blades/ rotor: 3-dimensional trajectory (swept area as cone). Struts add to wind energy capture and capture efficiency.Direct drive (no gear).

One integrated design for floating offshore wind.Two counter-rotating turbines (blades/turbine, shaft and mast, generator).Tilted with the wind (similar to sail boats).

  • Simple design; no nacelle, gear, cooling, yaw
  • Generator as part of floater and ballast
  • Scalable up to 40MW and 400m height
  • Reduced wake effect and increased turbine density