This week we toured Will Smith’s Motorhome which is one of the largest rvs in the world. It is a double-decker motorhome with a massive lounge area on 2nd floor. The actor makes this mega trailer his home on wheels when on location shooting films.

source/image: Enes Yilmazer

The 22-wheel, 16.7-meter two-story RV offers 111.5 square meters of living space.This giant motorhome comes with multiple plasma TV, a 100 inch movie screen, a gym, makeup room and a lounge for 30 people.Watch the video from Enes Yilmazer for more info:

The trailer can be expanded not only to two sides, but also upwards. The roof of the 16.7-meter-long vehicle is raised by 107 centimeters by a hydraulic structure.


In the inside there is a bathroom,there is a sauna-shower and a toilet cabin, which can be used to dim the glass door at the touch of a button,we also find a huge kitchen, fully equipped, dressing room.

SOURCEEnes Yilmazer
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