Tamarit Motorcycles explains that Helios has a unique silhouette. One of amazing parts of the project is hydraulic monocoque, this part lifts up, giving access to everything without the need to condemn the bike. Helios arrives like a god from Greek mythology, bringing the fiery beauty of the Sun. A Cafe Racer with a unique style and for which unique pieces have been developed with hundreds of hours of craftsmanship.

Usually on regular bikes, this part is welded, thus, making it necessary to disassemble the bike to access certain parts. The single-seat leather seat is embedded in the tank, it is fully integrated into the shape of the same.

Helios motorcycle is equipped with custom-made methacrylate front fairing, it also incorporates a double headlight. In order to match the color of the seat upholstery, the front of the fairing is also painted in a cream color. The new cooling system is done through the chassis that would definitely lower the temperature.

Depending on the project, the engine is opened and renewed with a series of modifications that leave it as new.


Our team, when it comes to a premium project , is in charge of cleaning carbon, adjusting valve seats, oversized pistons, grinding cylinders, valve seals, timing chains, and cylinder head planning. In this way, we take an engine and make it new.

In order to deliver best optimization of the electronics, the engine control units work as the brain of Helios Motorcycle. This unit comes with Motogadget engine control unit, it is claimed to be the most complete on the market. Therefore, this motorcycle can be completely monitored through your smartphone.via:Tamarit Motorcycles

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