A Large Plane With a Single Circular Wing – Super Circle Plane

Flying through gates is fun, but flying through something that’s flying is even better! The Super Circle Plane is a giant scratch built foam board Annular Wing airplane that took to the sky at the Flite Fest event.

source/image: FliteTest

Designed by Peter Sripol from Flite Test created a Super Circle Plane, a large model craft with a single circular wingThe unique creation was flown over a field of RC aircraft enthusiasts, many of whom used the Super Circle Plane’s circular wing as a target for their own craft.

It’s amazing to me that this plane flies so well with that design, but it does – even after being hit by another plane. At least it does for a time. At the end of the video it does crash spectacularly.


The circle design is called an Annular wing airplane, and after a few tests with smaller versions, they were ready to hit the big leagues.Still, it’s awesome to see all of the other planes flying through it.