The Humanihut Emergency Shelter System – A Container Destined To Shelter Refugees

South Australian company Humanihut Pty Ltd has designed a compact and cost efficient housing system that will help disaster relief agencies shelter the increasing population of refugees.

source/image: snoopyjpants

These pop-up, foldable containers are rapidly deployed, easily established and disestablished, whilst leaving a minimal environmental footprint.The Humanihut system can the be redeployed, either, palletised or containerised by air, sea, road or rail.

Each Humanihut can sleep up to six, includes 110v power, fresh water, table, benches, sink and is heated.Each Humanihut can be erected in 5 minutes by a small team and a forklift. 16 Humanihuts and one Ablutionhut are ready to occupy within one and a half hours.


Each hut is 7.3 meters long and 2.4 meters high, including solar panels on the roof and wiring for 110V outlets throughout.

source/image: Kadego

Heating and water purification equipment are built into the hut, and the units include a built in table, bench, and sink.

The steel walls and roof of each unit contains insulated panels to help keep the temperature comfortable in hot or cold weather. The Humanihut will cost US$9.5 million to accommodate a village of up to 2400 people.